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About us

  • THAINGOC Production - Trading - Service Company Limited have joined stainless steel household goods and interior decoration in Vietnamese market since 1999. The factory is equiped with comprehensive and modern manufacturing technologies which is located in Ho Chi Minh city, an industrial city, amongst the biggest in Viet Nam and strategically situation near to the Sai Gon port.

  • THAI NGOC Co.,Ltd has been established by Mr. Hoang Le Trung who has more than 20 years experience in the iron and steel industry as well as mechanics field,  undertook an expansion drive in 2001 increasing production capacity. Mr. Hoang  Le Trung, Executive Director and alumnus of University Of Technical Education Ho Chi Minh City, focussed on forward integration and as a result, diversified further into value added products. Further, in 2005, the company added another plant in Binh Duong province thereby increasing its total capacity.
  •               THAI NGOC Stainless steel products are manufactured in compliance with national standards of quality and are in accordance with the customer's stringent specification, having demanding applications in various fields such as household goods, kitchen ware, interior decoration ... variety of size.

                 Over the years, our products have been had a good position as well as become reliable provider of stainless steel household goods in Vietnamese market. In the future, we will export our products to other countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia.

                 The usage of stainless steel is witnessing a steady and sustained growth worldwide with ever increasing challenges on the competitive dynamics of the world steel industry. In order to meet these challenges, we believe in integrated activity and continuous upgradation in our manufacturing technologies, wherein a premium products is delivered at premium quality. Our plan in the future will be speed up production, maintaining continuity of supplying, and developing new products in accordance with the customer's demand.

                 We always connect closely our success to responsibility of satisfying the customers with the slogan "We understand your demand".



    Hoang Le Trung


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