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Glass desk and table legs
Suspend-shelf arched 25cm x 25cm
Stainless steel wire dog-cage
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After years of constantly reaching up to show us the leading provider and prestige. No additives to the trust of customers we have earned the title by the Ministry of Technology and the environment giving based on the application of science and technology into production.


  With business results encouraging and remarkable achievements, Thai Ngoc brand has been gradually put into each Vietnamese family, more importantly, we are in favor of a place in your heart -- Ngoc Thai stainless steel badge is awarded by products typical application of science and technology, environment-friendly products with the title of veteran units and handicraft during renovation. In the past years in addition to producing for the market we participate in charitable activities in order to reduce the burden for families of children of poor taste, try to eliminate the gap and even feel for orphans defects in the heart of humanitarian Que Huong-Binh Duong. Especially this year with the encouragement of national movements, we will combine with the encouragement of Assembly Phu Tho Hoa Ward, Tan Phu Dist, HCM try to promote the allocation of scholarships for poor children.
Thai Ngoc achievements S achieved the enormous contribution of all customers far and near have trust, we build and develop Thai Ngoc. Each product for you in favor of the Thai Ngoc it shows you're interested, help for the unfortunate piece of life, less fortunate through our charity.
Coming time, the market is predicted to enter a period of fierce competition with great challenges Thai Ngoc determination rose to more strongly assert to you, committed to providing our customers with products with perfect quality action with the motto "Not a first but is the best”, build brand Thai Ngoc become really reliable consumer Vietnam is also where you can believe that each product of Thai Ngoc be at home as you contribute to help poor students learn hospitality, small children, disabled and less fortunate.
Sincerest thanks!


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